Artist profile

What am I doing?

I'm doing what I love, and something I should have took the risk to do a long time ago.

What does my art express?

- love

- emotion

- fun 

- happiness.

I combine a staple whimsical cow character within a variety of fun and heartfelt scenarios, with new friends and characters joining along the way.

What makes my art unique?

No one else knows what's inside my head, and what's in my head is what goes onto the canvas.

It's easy enough to paint a generic cow, but morphing that cow into 'Buddy' was a creative exploration all in itself. Buddy became the final character result of much experimentation, Buddy was never intended to have a realistic appeal, his animated profile is all part and parcel of his warming face and likability.

Buddy is my happy expression of an emotion I never knew until I became a mother, it's hard to feel anything but happiness when there is a cheeky, happy face nearby - I'm hoping that is the effect that Buddy (and friends) give when they're upon your walls!

Why am I doing it?

Because I love it.

What motivates me to create art?

It feels as though the need for art has been deep inside me since early childhood, my earliest memories consist of 'making' in some variety.

After years of consistently good grades at school, particularly within the creative subjects, the next step was graduating from Plymouth University in 2006 with a BA  in FINE ART, from here I went on to continue with my education leading me into a career of teaching and working within Art Therapy until 2014, all the while my true passion sitting comfortably in the back seat. After having my daughter in 2013 it was time for the baby seat to get in the back and the passion for art to get in the driving seat.

What does my art mean to me?

My art is me doing me, gone are the days of education and having to justify every mark you make on a canvas.

My art is my freedom, I paint because I want to, not because I have to.

How am I doing it?

It all started with one happy little cow, I sat down surrounded by my sketches and decided to pick up the paint brushes, it was then that Buddy 'In too deep' appeared. This is my very first piece, Buddy is surrounded by hearts, as if drowning in love, this piece still sits proudly on my living room wall, the feel of the smooth oil paint on the canvas became addictive and after getting great feedback from family and friends there was no stopping me, Buddy and friends were officially born.

The first natural progression was the arrival of Bo (Buddy's love interest), named after my daughter Daisy Bo and on this occasion aptly short for Bo-vine!

The adventures of Buddy and Bo, whether independently or together, have become a staple feature within my creative process, I'm truly in love with these characters, what's not to love? 

With regards to my my medium and how I work, I love the chunkiness of a deep edge canvas, I feel it compliments the work, I work in oil paints and the creamy texture of the paint creates great depth on what could be considered a very animated and flat style of painting. Oil paints also help when working in and around a toddler, a fast drying medium would not allow me much grace!  

The final piece is then sealed with a Matt varnish to protect.

What do I draw inspiration from?

Being a Devonshire girl living in the heart of the countryside, cows are never too far, they're beautiful and were for me at least, a natural progression taken from the beautiful part of the country in which I live.

With my base character Buddy established, my inspiration from here on in has come from the love of my child and my family and friends.

Long live Buddy, Bo & Co