You know, I could write some long winded spiel about how I’m inspired by my surroundings, family and West Country upbringing or tell you that I’ve always been creative with endless levels of imagination…. and of course let’s not forget to mention the Fine Art degree… But let’s be honest as true as this all may be - we’ve heard it all before!

The fact of the matter is I just paint what I bloody well like, in fact I paint what I love! If I see something, hear something that takes my fancy… Chances are it will pop up on a canvas sooner or later.

Due to the fact that I paint what I love, this means generally my subjects are relatable to many, whether it’s love, friendship, pastimes or feelings.

Truth is my backstory isn’t the usual whimsical tale of creativity - in fact I have spent much of my working life working with severely disabled folks where together we’d use art as a means of therapy to guide them through their prognosis be it short term or in many cases terminal.

That was my dream job – that was until returning after the birth of my daughter to find out huge cuts had been made in social care and we were all being made redundant, new baby, no job – what’s a girl to do?

Pick up those paint brushes that’s what! Somehow through all of this and with my tiny daughter (come partner in crime) in tow, Buddy the bulll came to fruition and Buddy, Bo & Co. was officially born.

Buddy, Bo & Co. is my pure freedom, after years in employment and education, being forced to justify every mark you make it’s wonderful to do something JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! The fact that others seem to like it too…? Well that’s just a magical little bonus.

After a crazy couple of years where I was the Winner for the up-and-coming artist award and the winner of Best in Show through the Fine Art Trade Guild, along with bagging myself a Royal collector (yup good old Buddy and friends are parading about on a royal estate!) - this all teamed with the support from a wonderful publisher - I’ve certainly learned it’s okay to just……. Be me.

Big Love Lovers